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The excitement continues, this time in Reston, Virginia! My intrepid team was tasked to design the top 3 stories of this tenant improvement, with a whole host of fascinating programatic features, including: a full-service kitchen and dining set up, new roof screen and structural support to accommodate the added load from the kitchen equipment, enhanced toilet room core with unisex toilet rooms, break rooms on each floor, training rooms and conference rooms to support the business, custom focus areas and library rooms for heads down work, a “genius-bar” for the company’s IT related needs, game room, custom artwork, and much more!

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PIT 102

Another project is near completion and this one takes my team all the way to the East Coast! Same client as Austin 13 +14, but looking a little further afield to Pittsburgh, PA on the CMU campus.

Firstly, let me be upfront: do not let the square footage fool you. This was not an easy project! The existing 8-story building is sited between a working railway, curvilinear backroads, and busy campus thoroughfare. The three lowest floors are active parking and not just for our building. We therefore could could not close down the structure for construction, making it that much harder for our GC.

Our area of work is located just above the top-most parking floor but below the first floor, or main entrance facing the campus. This means part of our floor was built into the steep slop and underneath the campus thoroughfare. Another challenge for our GC, as classes made it so we could not close down sections and minimizing noise was a driver during construction.

Rendering of Lobby and Reception

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Austin 13 + 14

It is exciting to finally post these images, as they have been in my back pocket for quite some time. As mentioned previously, 2017 was filled with Austin, Texas travel; but the travel did not end at the new year. For the past 9 months, 2 other floors have come on board and the first day of business began this past Monday.

Similar to the other project, AP+I teamed up with CTA Architects and Engineers, and the results are amazing! While the images below show the DD process from our Oculus ready model, they do not compare to what it feels like walking the space. I wish I could show you photos, but for now, you will have to take my word for it.

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