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Austin 13 + 14

It is exciting to finally post these images, as they have been in my back pocket for quite some time. As mentioned previously, 2017 was filled with Austin, Texas travel; but the travel did not end at the new year. For the past 9 months, 2 other floors have come on board and the first day of business began this past Monday.

Similar to the other project, AP+I teamed up with CTA Architects and Engineers, and the results are amazing! While the images below show the DD process from our Oculus ready model, they do not compare to what it feels like walking the space. I wish I could show you photos, but for now, you will have to take my word for it.

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Umbrella Reality

Back in 2010, I created a concept called the Rainshade Canopy : Imprinting Time on Architecture. It was a submission for a competition that ultimately didn’t win, but I always thought the concept was solid. The goal was to beautify The City of Seattle’s alleys by using umbrellas in a whimsical manner. These umbrellas were special in that they had a water reactive coating that, once wet, they changed color and revealed a design beneath, bringing a pop of playful color on those grey Seattle days.

A friend on mine recently sent me the Youtube Link below for Redlands’ Orange Street Alley. While it does not have the same color changing concept, the brilliant colors and whimsical nature is spot on! Kudos to the team! I find it to be a truly beautiful installation.

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Austin 21

2017 found me traveling to Austin, Texas for a large part of the year. A rather large tech client brought us there, looking to make a larger foothold in one of the fastest growing cities of America. AP+I’s bread and butter work is within California borders, so we teamed up with another, partner architect: CTA. While my firm had done work with CTA in the past, this was my first rodeo and I am glad we teamed up with them on this project.

Below are some renderings put together at the end of the Design Development phase and were taken directly from our Oculus ready model. Oculus is one of the many virtual reality technologies that have popped up in recent times and I find the technology is perfect for architecture. Specifically, it was super helpful as we transitioned from the bulk of the design work (provided by AP+I) to the Construction Documentation phase (provided by CTA).

This was also my first foray into a larger project management role. That being said, our firm’s philosophy of small, nimble teams, gives the staff the ability to have a multi-faceted and varied role depending on the current phase. Some of my responsibilities included: initial space planning, schematic design editing, 3D custom millwork modeling in Revit 2016, oversight and editorial review over design development packages, direct contact and oversight of our partner architect’s construction documentation, multiple site visits for quality control and quality assurance, budgeting, billing, project time management and leadership of our in-house and Austin based team, weekly team meetings with the client-side project manager, and the review of submittals, substitutions, and RFI’s with our partner architect and General Contractor.

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