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O’luina: The Longhouse

In architecture we often discuss place-making as the highest form of our craft. The platonic ideal of lifting up the very earth to create the foundations of our building; planting trees for walls; weaving branches and pruning canopies for our ceilings. I think this romantic idea has stuck with me and why I love tree houses.

While the dream to one day grow a building is not quite a reality today, there are examples in this world that still manage to create something special. This past week marks a special time in my life and we celebrated that at a place called O’luina. Photos do not do this place justice but, along with my memories, these will just have to do.


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A|X Wedding

I am at the time in my life where many, many friends are getting married all at once. I believe the total count is 6 in 8 calendar months. Absolutel bonkers!

“How is this architecture related?” – you ask? Well, they keep selecting beautifully engineered and designed venues like the St. Johns Bridge for Andy and Xhav’s wedding!

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Exploring San Francisco

As odd as it may sound, I have been living in California for more than a month. I know, it sounds ludicrous! Where did all the time go? Was I not just living in downtown Seattle yesterday? Continue reading »

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