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O’luina: The Longhouse

In architecture we often discuss place-making as the highest form of our craft. The platonic ideal of lifting up the very earth to create the foundations of our building; planting trees for walls; weaving branches and pruning canopies for our ceilings. I think this romantic idea has stuck with me and why I love tree houses.

While the dream to one day grow a building is not quite a reality today, there are examples in this world that still manage to create something special. This past week marks a special time in my life and we celebrated that at a place called O’luina. Photos do not do this place justice but, along with my memories, these will just have to do.


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Street of Eames

Church Residents

This Saturday will mark the 4th Annual Street of Eames tour of modern homes located in Portland, Oregon. The tour is a fundraiser to help raise money for Chapman Elementary and Beach Elementary after school programs, which help to serve homeless or low-income students in the inner Portland area. This particular event means alot to me, as I was fortunate enough to study the Church Residence, one of the six homes to be presented in this year’s tour.  I will also be volunteering my time to act as a docent for the tour of the Church house and will be attending the other houses on the tour as well. After the show, I will probably post more information on both the Church house and houses within the tour, but I do not want to spoil the show! Sadly tickets are all sold out (sorry I did not post this soon enough) but there will be another tour next year with four to five new exciting homes as well as some regulars! For now, enjoy the teaser photos of the Solar Church House.

(Note: Sorry this didn’t get posted last Thursday! It appears I set my calendar a week ahead/behind depending one how you look at it. I hope to see you at the tour!)

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